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What method can extend the service life of scaffolding

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What method can extend the service life of scaffolding

Button scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding, and on the market at present only use the q345 material raw material production, compared with other types of scaffolding for better quality. But still rated by the life of the restrictions. So what method can extend the service life of scaffolding? Chengdu scaffolding manufacturer recommended to adopt the following methods:

First of all, from the quality should choose when purchasing quality of scaffolding. Button button scaffolding scaffolding manufacturers take special note of joint is. High quality plate fastener scaffold joint is very full, not easy to open welding, can prolong the service life of scaffolding to play an important role.

Second recommend button scaffolding for galvanized processing. Because plate buckles scaffold materials for steel itself is very easy to be rusted, and galvanized can effectively protect the button scaffolding is not rust.

Is in use process should pay attention to again. Use button scaffold to strictly in accordance with the scaffold construction specification, may not conform to use. And in the process of using to timely inspection and repair in time.

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